Professional teachers

We engage the child on a path of development where attentive supervision ultimately promotes his autonomy.

Extracurricular Activities Time

In addition to other teaching, we promote access to cultural practices but also artistic, civic, sports and educational leisure activities.

Reference Infrastructures

A football stadium and a multisports ground obeying the standards to allow your child to combine the pleasant with the useful, in an environment where all his abilities can flourish.

What we offer

Are you looking for a nursery and primary school in Bertoua?
For more than 4 years ISB has been your reference in education in Bertoua. Located in the Bamvélé district opposite the Matgénie, our institution has welcomed generations of students from all over the city wishing to improve their skills and integrate the largest schools. Accompanied by qualified and experienced teachers, your child will have complete follow-up and unparalleled support. Our teaching methods, recognized by the Ministry of Basic Education, aim to offer him the best chances of success and a solid foundation, both personally and for his professional future.
Contact us now by phone or email to request more information about our programs.

Welcome to the ISB of Bertoua institute

The International School of Bertoua is a nursery and primary school created in 2016. Reference for learning in the city of Bertoua in eastern Cameroon, our establishment open to children from 2 to 12 years old, offers a rich course and immersive programs in French, English and German intended to support our students towards success. Our team of qualified and caring teachers is fully committed to helping your child develop his abilities, his thinking and his spirit of initiative so that he can integrate the best secondary schools.
To do this, the ISB offers, in addition to the initial course, a crèche open to children of 10 weeks, extracurricular courses, including sports, artistic and cultural activities. Our institution also has a daycare service open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. where professionals will accompany your child for his homework.

Tel: 222 242 777 / 678770884 / 6 56 89 75 48/694 30 72 86


Innovation at the International Institute of Bertoua

  • Teaching German from the major section to CM2
  • Teaching of Chinese from the main section to CM2
  • Teaching of plastic arts from SIL to CM2
  • Teaching of computer science from the major section to the CM2

Maximum number reduced to 35 students per class.


02 Teachers per room


02 buses available to students and teachers


Register your child to reserve their place and pay the full amount before September 6 to benefit from a 6% reduction.


We have the Anglophone section, the Francophone section and the Trilingual section (English, French, German). Classes go from pre-kindergarten to CM2 / Class6.

A multidimensional school setting

From kindergarten to elementary school, we have English, French, bilingual (French and English) and trilingual (English, French and German) cycles.

Safety first

The safety of your children is one of our priorities, we really take care of it.

Quality teaching

Respect for the new curricula of nursery and primary education in Cameroon combined with additional pedagogy are our leitmotiv.

Professional teachers

Qualified educators who are regularly retrained with the help of inspectors and educational animators (PA).

Post and extracurricular time

Concepts developed according to the needs and aptitudes of the child which are intended to be as practical as possible (Agriculture, aquaponics, robotics, etc.).

Comfortable classrooms

Spacious airy rooms with a limited staff to guarantee individual monitoring of children.

Sports infrastructure

Worthy of hosting regional and national competitions.

Student transportation

Spacious buses, qualified and responsible drivers for the safe transport of our children.

We offer your children the best in terms of training

What parents say about us

Each year we give the floor to parents ...

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