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Our School Activities

It is important for children to learn to express themselves personally and take initiative. We ensure the development of the socialization of the child from a perspective of solidarity and cooperation. We organize activities in secure working groups in order to allow supervisors to take into account the needs and expectations of children. It is important to give the child a period of free time after an activity for educational purposes.

Although open to innovations and educational readjustments, we operate through project pedagogy (PP) which allows children to keep their primary motivation. A wide range of extracurricular activities is offered to students, including:



The sports activities

Karate, swimming, table tennis, football

Artistic activities

Painting, Drawing, Ceramic

Community activities

participation in games organized by the city

Cultural activities

Theater, dance, choir, music lessons

Recreational cheerleading

Our Available Services

At ISB we have education professionals who support the development and growth of young people in their academic journey. Their work complements that of teachers, support staff and administrators.


  • Guard Service
  • Transportation service
  • Help with homework
  • Program coordinators
  • Educational inspectors who ensure the quality of teaching, advise and support school stakeholders, ensure compliance with all the requirements and procedures defined by the ISB concerning the implementation of the primary school program
  • Other services: the school also relies on the services of a doctor sporadically
  • An education technician specializes in the prevention and animation component in the classroom on the following themes: management of emotions, conflict management, bullying, cyber and romantic relationships, living well together.


  • Wifi open to all
  • Weekly exam-type assessments
  • Peaceful setting conducive to the acquisition of knowledge
  • Student follow-up in permanent collaboration with parents
  • Dedicated and highly qualified faculty
  • Computer room
  • Library

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